What we do

IMG_9108Understanding that print conveys meaning, whether to “request a cookie” or “write a college paper,” is a step towards future autonomy. Pont dʼApprentisage Tutoring center (Bridge Reading) is a place where all children are welcome to take the meaning of print to its furthest point within their own capabilities.

The center was established in 1985 to offer a specialized pre-reading program for young children with developmental delays. Over time, it has grown to include specialized programs developed in reading, writing and math in English and French for all children with different learning styles from preschool through adulthood. Parent training is available as an extension of the work the students do at the center or to homeschooling parents who would like guidance.

Bridge to Development Programs

At Bridge to Development, we offer a wide variety of programming. Below you will find the descriptions of our programs and the benefits they can bring to children experiencing developmental delays and their families. RDI Family Consultation Program This comprehensive program restores the natural Guided Participation Relationship to families where it has been disrupted or has never formed.… Continue reading Bridge to Development Programs