Bridge to Development Programs

At Bridge to Development, we offer a wide variety of programming. Below you will find the descriptions of our programs and the benefits they can bring to children experiencing developmental delays and their families.

RDI Family Consultation Program

IMG_8661This comprehensive program restores the natural Guided Participation Relationship to families where it has been disrupted or has never formed. This is for families who have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other challenges: Reactive Attachment Disorder, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, abuse/neglect, and others. RDI Consultants work with families in a personalized manner to identify and help reduce obstacles to relationship development. They also work to empower family relationships so parents can act as the primary guides of their children’s mental, social and emotional development.

Language Arts

IMG_6146Bridge Reading (verbal and non verbal students)

Bridge Reading does not attempt to interfere with the individual methods of any classroom teacher. It simply begins at an earlier level. Bridge Reading is pre-reading which IS reading. Through the use of logographs and gestures the students slowly accumulate about 150 high- frequency sight words

Phonetic Reading (decoding skills )

A systematic method has been developed to help students break the code for unfamiliar words with confidence. With the use of a sound ring, key pictures and gestures, guessing slowly disappears and sound knowledge is applied

Read Naturally

The read naturally strategy develops fluency, supports vocabulary , and promotes comprehension by combining the research-proven strategies of teacher modeling , repeated reading, and progress monitoring . A student works on fluency at his or her own pace in a appropriate level of material. The student masters a story by reading along with audio and then practicing the story until he or she can read it accurately and with expression at a goal rate. The student can track and see their progress on a graph. Students and parents are trained in this method at the center. Parents who choose to do so, monitor their children at home. Students move to the next level based on regular assessments.

Word Warm Ups

Word Warm Up builds automaticity in phonics and decoding.

Signs For Sounds

Signs for Sounds teaches regular phonetic spelling patterns and high -frequency words.

Creative Writing

Children are taught a reliable format so that they will be able to create a logically sequenced story , develop reading comprehension and facilitate imagination

Pen Pals

Having an unknown pen pal within the center provides students with an opportunity to answer and ask questions, make comments and share news about themselves in an enjoyable writing activity

Journal Writing (News)

Although an expectation in elementary school, this is often a very difficult task for some children. Strategies and ideas for sharing are worked on as soon as a student can understand that a logo graph represents a word or thought.


Touch Math

This method has proven to be very effective in improving accuracy. Students feel a sense of accomplishment quickly.

Jump Math

Through the Jump Math method, students can be “led” to think mathematically. This approach and excellent workbook presentation , help even students who are struggling in this subject flourish. It covers curriculum from first to eighth grade.

Business group

IMG_9096Groups which emphasize “functional math”, reading and social skills are run for pre-teens, teens and young adults. Each student is responsible for the financial calculations of his/her own business while working in a group setting. Products made on a computerized embroidery machine are sold to create the avenue for understanding the basics of math, money, communication, and work skills.

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